Patients & Visitors


Welcome to Wyndham Clinic,  a purpose-built mental health hospital servicing greater Victoria and Melbourne’s West.  We have 50 single room accommodation suites, each with bed, home-like furnishings and en suite. Each of our inpatients units offers lounges, outdoor terraces, internet connectivity, computer access and a homely environment.  There are broad views from the rooms, along with recreation and activity areas. All rooms are private and have nurse call provisions.

The facilities include:

  • Private rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Outdoor visitors’ area
  • Air conditioning
  • Visitor & disabled parking
  • Interpreters (on request)

For Admission information please call 03 9731 6646

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours have been designed to ensure that privacy and comfort are offered to our patients at this difficult time and ensure that patients make the most of their stay with minimal disruptions to the unit routine.
Visiting Hours are:
Monday – Friday 4pm – 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 8pm*
(*Including public holidays)
Please note: to assist drug and alcohol patients to maintain abstinence, there are additional restrictions around visitors in the drug and alcohol service. Nursing staff on that unit will provide you with further information.

Car Park & Transport

Car parking is available in the Visitors Car Park. Please enter via Hoppers Lane. (See map.)

For those choosing public transport, the closest railway station is Hoppers Crossing.

Reception is also able to book or call a taxi if required.

Code of Conduct

Patient Complaints

The staff at Wyndham Clinic recognises the customer’s right to make a complaint. Anyone – whether patient, family or friend – can make a complaint.
Please be reassured that making a complaint will not adversely affect the treatment of the patient.
Wyndham Clinic welcomes the opportunity to improve standards by actively identifying areas of concern in current performance. By analysing complaints, Wyndham Clinic can actively improve the quality of care and service provided to customers.
The Clinic has a process in place for complaints and the Management will respond constructively to legitimate concerns of patients and their families.
A complaint can be lodged in writing, by telephone or in person. You can also make an anonymous complaint although we are not able to respond to your complaint in this instance.
Patients and their families who wish to make a complaint are advised to speak to the staff. The staff member will then record the complaint on an IIIR form. The information recorded will include:

  • Nature of the complaint
  • Date of concern
  • Action taken in respect of the complaint

If the problem can be resolved at the staff level, we will endeavour to rectify it as quickly as possible.
If the complaint cannot be rectified then and there, the matter will be referred to the DON for investigation and the appropriate follow up action will be taken.
Wyndham Clinic will provide written feedback within 5 working days.
If the customer remains dissatisfied, they are advised to utilise external services such as the Health Services Commissioner.

The address for the Complaints Officer for Wyndham Clinic is:
The Complaints Officer
Clinical Services Manager
242A Hoppers Lane
Werribee, VIC 3030

Privacy & Rights

Wyndham Clinic takes patient privacy very seriously. It is the policy of the Clinic that all efforts will be made to maintain patient privacy while they attend the Clinic. All records are kept securely in accordance with privacy principles.
Wyndham Clinic endeavours to inform patients of their rights by providing a copy of the privacy policy to patients prior to or on admission to the Clinic.

Privacy Compliance

Wyndham Clinic is bound by the National Privacy Principles (Privacy Act 1998, as amended) and deals with personal information in accordance with such principles.
The National Privacy Principles can be obtained through the website of the office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner (

What information does Wyndham Clinic collect?

Wyndham Clinic holds the following information with respect to its patients.

  • Name
  • Personal address
  • Postal address
  • Next of kin
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Medical history
  • Treatment plan and treatment details

How does the Clinic use your information?

Wyndham Clinic is dedicated to the care and general welfare of patients referred to the facility for treatment. If you are a patient, the Clinic will collect your information to help our Medical and Administrative Staff carry out the operation of the hospital and to effectively treat you.
Wyndham Clinic also supplies treatment data to State and Federal authorities. The submission of data to State and Federal authorities is mandatory for all registered hospitals.

How do we collect it?

Information is collected either directly from patients or through that information being provided on their behalf by their treating practitioner.

How do we store your information?

Personal information about patients is secured in two forms

  1. A hard copy medical history
  2. Electronic information stored securely on the server

Both hard copy and electronic records are only accessible to personnel of the facility who require access to such personal information for the purpose of carrying out their duties. All personnel have signed Privacy and Confidentiality statements binding them to comply with the National Privacy Principles.

How do you access your records?

If you are a patient of the Clinic, you may request access to personal information by writing to the Privacy Officer. Persons entitled to access do not have to provide a reason for requesting access. You will be notified when your record will be available for personal viewing at the Clinic.

Applications should be made in writing. Verification will be made prior to response.
Forward all applications to:
The Privacy Officer
Clinical Services Manager
242A Hoppers Lane
Werribee, VIC 3030

What if your patient information is wrong?

If you believe that your patient information that is held by the Clinic is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, you may request that personal information be amended. The Clinic will consider if the information requires amendment.

If the Clinic does not agree that there is any ground for amendment it will, if you require, place with your personal information, a statement from you as to why the information is not accurate or up to date.

If you wish to obtain access to or wish to notify any changes to your details kept at the Clinic, you should contact the Clinical Services Manager for a copy of the protocol.