Infection Prevention and Control

Wyndham Theatre

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital has a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in place which is overseen by our external Infection Control Consultant. Our facility and staff are regularly audited for compliance with national infection prevention and control guidelines including: Australian Standards for reprocessing of reusable instruments (AS 4187) and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Many human infections are caused either by bacteria or viruses. This site from the Better Health Channel is specifically designed for consumers who want information about bacterial and viral infections. For more information visit

Hand Hygiene Program

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to the hand hygiene program and conducts annual competency training and regular audits to ensure compliance. For additional information and consumer fact sheets regarding the 5 moments of hand hygiene and Healthcare Associated Infections visit

Immunisation Compliance

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital conducts an annual FluVax immunisation programme. This programme is audited and reported to the Board of Management.

External Cleaning Audit

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of patients and their carers by providing an environment to meet industry standard. Annual auditing of the facility for cleanliness is conducted and is reported to the Board of Management.